Lamb - Lamb (1996) [FLAC]

Lamb - Lamb (1996) [FLAC]

Artist : Lamb
Album : Lamb
Year : 1996
Genre : Trip Hop, Downtempo, Drum n Bass, Experimental
Source : CD
Label : Fontana
Catalognr : 532 968-2
Tracks : 10
Playtime : 67:26 min
Size : 392.37 MB
Format : FLAC
Quality : 850 kbps / 44100 Hz / Stereo
01. Lusty [04:10]
02. God Bless [05:54]
03. Cotton Wool [05:07]
04. Trans Fatty Acid [07:37]
05. Zero [05:34]
06. Merge [05:45]
07. Gold [05:41]
08. Closer [03:57]
09. Gorecki [06:30]
10. Feela + Cotton Wool (Fila Brazillia Mix) [17:12]
67:26 min
392.37 MB


admin - 13 лет 3 месяца ago

Lou Rhodes has an appropriately husky voice for this drum & bass / trip-hop "song" crossover group. In theory Andy Barlow's production, which on this album at least, took rather generic drum & bass rhythms and mashed them up as you'd expect, should make this duo the ideal starting point for those of us that aren't really into either of those genres because they're normally so focussed on beats.
Sorry, doesn't quite work. Gorecki does have a somewhat dark, enticing lead vocal melody but with the overused trip-hop rhythm here it comes off far less inspired than the Global Communication remix.
And I really can't pick any further moments that aren't disappointing. Lou sometimes pushes her croaking a little too far on God Bless, and the cliches apparent in their lyrics (Cotton Wool!) makes for a lesser and lesser experience. Zero ditches the drums for some soft violin and string plucking, giving it the impression of an introspective ballad. Its only "hook" seems to be Lou croaking "everythiiiiing" at times, marring the otherwise pleasant vibe.
Perhaps they went on to better things, as of yet I've not heard newer Lamb albums. But one of the biggest peeves I have is that Lou's voice tends to be rather solitary. Few harmonies, and when there are some they're indistinct and don't really bring the vocals to the heights I'd hope for. Closer seems utterly hookless in that regard. And was there any point in having a bonus remix of Cotton Wool?
It's not bad, I think I'd rather sit through this than any selected Roni Size album (that "dancefloor-orientation" problem again). But it aint anything special! Drum & bass nuts will probably disagree but I'm not one outside of Photek!